• The Department of English, as part of promoting and augmenting Academic rigour and research among students conducts various seminars that are multidimensional.
  • Various renowned resource persons like Tushar Gandhi, the great grandson of Mahatma Gandhi, Tibetan poet Tenzin Tsundue, Sri Lankan drama therapist Ravindra Ranasinha, UGC Emeritus Professor Dr. P. P. Raveendran, Jaspal Kaur Singh, Professor, Northern Michigan University, Prof. Raveendra Jain, Professor, Jawarhalal Nehru University, New Delhi, Dr. Krishnan Unni, associate professor, Delhi University who visited the Department have been able to give the students intensive exposure to various topics related to literature.



Webinar on Women Empowerment and Sustainable Menstrual Health.

Webinar on Sustainability Superpowers: Maanushi and Economic Empowerment.


Webinar on Maanushi: A Journey of Sustainability, Menstrual Health and Empowerment.

Webinar on Introduction to Creative Writing.

Webinar on Back to Roots: Ethics and Values.

Talk on Vigilance Awareness: Relevance in Present Age Governance.

Webinar on Syntax Matters!

Webinar on Emmanuel Levinas and Postmodern Ethics.

Webinar on Constructions of Mental Health: A Gendered Perspective.

Webinar on Branches of Linguistics.

Talk on Reading Day: About Reading.

Albertian International Expo – FACT/ FAKE.

Albertian International Expo – Sexual Abuse Age No Bar Gender No Bar.

World Environment Day Celebrations.


One-Day International Webinar on Contemporary Analytical Discourse of English Literature.

Albertian Swacchata Mission 2019.


Albertian International Expo – I am a Terrorist.


Albertian International Expo – Poet Tree.