The Department of English which had its formal inception in 1951 produced a number of notable and illustrious Alumni. The Alumni association of the Department always helped in the various social outreach programmes of the Department. Alumni Meets are conducted frequently and members expressed their solidarity and support to the various initiatives by the Department.

            Almost all the members of the Alumni association are placed in high positions within the country and also abroad. However, despite their busy schedule they still meet regularly and frequently. The Alumni members also contributed to “Lebenah Ahab”, the flagship social outreach project of the Department. The project was completed with the help of Alumni members who were instrumental in pooling in resources and funds for the timely completion of the project. Notable members of the Alumni held enriching external talks for the students. Thus the Alumni association also helped in assuring and augmenting the academic proficiency and social responsibility of the students of the department over the years.

            The Department of English conducted a mega Alumni Meet in the year 2013. The event was attended by prominent Alumni members and members of the oldest batches of the Department were also present for the Meet.