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There has never been a more exciting time to study the universe beyond the confines of the earth. A new generation of advanced ground-based and space-borne telescopes and enormous increases in computing power are enabling a golden age of astrophysics. St. Albert’s College (Autonomous)’s masters course in Space Science and Technology focuses on the underlying physics of phenomena beyond the earth, which will enable the next major strides in the field. This is an interdisciplinary program which gives emphasis to basic Physics subjects as well as Astronomy, Meteorology and Atmospheric Science subjects as part of the curriculum. The multidisciplinary emphasis of this program sets it apart from conventional graduate programs at traditional institutes. The department of Space Science and Technology was established in the academic year 2011-12. The course was designed under the guidance of ISRO and approved by UGC as an Innovative program and is affiliated to Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam.


Grooming students for India’s Atmospheric Science Studies and Space Research.


  • Moulding the students to work under interdisciplinary domains.
  • Enable them to gain work experience from premier national research institutions.
  • Help them to develop theoretical knowledge in the field of atmospheric and astronomical disciplines.
  • Enable them to use modern computationalmethods for scientific analysis along with handling elaborate experimental set up.

Programmes offered

  • Sc. Space Science and Technology
  • Certificate Course on Introduction to Observational Astronomy


  1. Certificate Course on Introduction to Observational Astronomy

Paper Code


No. of Hrs.


Fundamentals of Astronomy





M.Sc. Space Science and Technology

SemesterName of the course with course codeNo. of Hrs./weekTotal Hrs. per semester
IPSP1CRTO119 Fundamentals of atmospheric and Space sciences590
IPSP1CRTO219Classical mechanics590
IPSP1CRTO319Quantum mechanics590
IPSP1CRTO419Mathematical and statistical methods590
IPSP1CRTO519Numerical methods and computer programming354
IPSP1CTP0119 Computer programming I236
IIPSP2CRTO119Fundamentals of earth sciences and Remote sensing590
IIPSP2CRTO219Statistical mechanics590
IIPSP2CRTO319 Electrodynamics590
IIPSP2CRTO419Introduction to plasma physics and space physics590
IIPSP2CRTO519Advanced computer programming354
IIPSP2CRPO119Computer programming II236
IIIPSP3CRTO119Atmospheric dynamics590
IIIPSP3CRTO219Climatology-Tropical and Global590
IIIPSP3CRTO319Synoptic meteorology and Satellite  meteorology590
IIIPSP3CRTO419Astronomy and Astrophysics590
IIIPSP3CRTO519Atmospheric chemistry and Atmospheric Electricity354
IIIPSP3CRPO619Atmospheric sciences236
IVPSP4CRTO119Space plasma590
IVPSP4CRTO219Elective I- Solar  physics590
IVPSP4CRTO219Elective II- Space dynamics590
IVPSP4CRPO119Experiments for Astronomy and Astrophysics6108
IVPSP4CRPO219Laboratory for plasma236
IVPSP4CPRO119 Project/DissertationNilNil
IVPSP4CRVO119 Course VivaNilNil