Placement Co-ordinator :  Dr. Manju Das S K

Email Id : [email protected] | [email protected]

Mobile No. : 9388196479


All the students who are in need of placements register with the placement cell with all relevant details. This database will be kept for all the data needed for further placements.

Selection of eligible candidates

Based on the criteria specified by the company the student’s database is filtered and the eligible students list is created and forwarded to the company. After the companies selection process the students will be placed.


The college has a placement cell comprising of the faculty placement coordinator  and student representatives from each department. the student representatives of each department responsible for conveying the placement news to the respective departments. It maintains a database of prospective employers for placement opportunities and future communications. The cell also manages campus recruitment and arranges employers visit to the campus to interact with the graduating students and the subsequent recruitment process.

The Placement cell organizes and conducts different activities to enhance the placement possibility of the students on a regular basis in each year. The placement cell meets regularly to plan and monitor the various placement activities. The minutes of the meetings are maintained for reference. Some of the activities are listed below:

  1. Visits to Companies in Info Park/technopark to invite them to the campus for recruitment.
  2. Aptitude training
  3. Technical sessions by experts and in-house faculty
  4. Soft skill workshop such as:
    1. Aptitude training.
    2. Personality development and Communication skills training
    3. Special grooming programme in personal education Etiquette
    4. Interview skills & Group discussion trainings
  5. Resume preparation


  1. Fr. Jolly John Odathakal
  2. Fr. John Christopher
  3. Sri. Francis M C
  4. Smt. Rency Joseph
  5. Dr. ANisha S
  6. Sri. Jefrin Johnson
  7. Sri. Amal M R
  8. Sri. Ashil Antony

Department Placement / Career Coodinator

  1.  Dr. Vincent Terrence Rebello
  2. Smt. Manju Das
  3. Dr. Anisha S
  4. Dr. Vijay John Gerson
  5. Smt. Rency Joseph
  6. Ms. Aswathi K A
  7. Sri. Amal M R
  8. Sri. Francis M C
  9. Sri. Sebastian A V
  10. Sri. Daisy Roshan Rebera
  11. Dr. Ajith Thomas John
  12. Sri. Azhar P S
  13. Ms. Steny Francis
  14. Smt. Lakshmi G
  15. Sri. Augustine K J
  16. Smt. Sherlin Mary George
  17. Smt. Deepthi Mary
  18. Dr. Sajeev Jos
  19. Sri. Sugustine Sumesh
  20. Smt. Greeshma S
  21. Smt. Amala Mary
  22. Ms. Karthika P P
  23. Dr. Deepa Rasheed


Name Department & Batch Company 
Antony Shinoy Simenthi BSc. Computer Science 2015-2018 Tata Consultancy Services
Aldrin Martin Simenthi BSc. Computer Science 2016-2019 Tata Consultancy Services , Infosys
John Gilbert K T BSc. Computer Science 2016-2019 Tata Consultancy Services
Athul Peter BSc. Computer Science 2016-2019 Tata Consultancy Services
Bincy Mary Varghese BSc. Computer Science 2016-2019 Wipro
Ashmi Maria BSc. Computer Science 2016-2019 Wipro
Neethika Christeena BCom. 2016-2019 Tata Consultancy Services
Pavithra BCm. 2016-2019 Tata Consultancy Services
Anjaly 2016-2019 Tata Consultancy Services
Salviya 2016-2019 Tata Consultancy Services
Deepthi 2016-2019 Tata Consultancy Services
Santhimol 2016-2019 Tata Consultancy Services

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