There are 4sub units in the system which can be classified as power generating unit with artificial radiation source, main measurement unit, logger-plotter unit and inverter and controller unit.

Power generating unit consists of two modules which are fixed on a small structure. This structure allows the user to change tilt angle (of modules) with the help of gear box. There are two halogen light fixtures attached with this structure which provides the artificial radiation for PV modules. Radiation level of this unit can be changed with the help of regulator and on-off action also can be done with the help of switch box (2 switches).

Main measurement unit and inverter-controller box are connected to each other through connectors at the back. In this way, ports of charge controller and inverter will become active for different circuit connections. Modules output will be connected with main controller unit through back connectors and will enable the module 1 and 2 ports on the front panel of measuring unit for different connections of modules.

Data logger plotter unit will be connected by module ports and log the data in PC for storage and plotting.

After making these connections and settings, different experiments can be performed by making various connections of different components according to experiment.

Power generating unitSolar PV Module
Number of modules2
Total Power rating80Wp
Artificial Source of radiationHalogen Light with regulator
Total power rating1800W
Power Conditioning Unit (PCU)DC-DC Converter- Auto/Manual mode
Power rating25 W
Nominal system voltage12V
Maximum Load Current2.0 (A)
TypeBuck converter
Inverter- Auto/Manual mode
Power rating50W
Output VoltageVariable
Control and Measuring UnitMeters
Temperature meter with sensor
DC ammeter
DC voltmeter
AC ammeter
AC voltmeter
Battery bank (2 batteries)
Capacity of each battery4.5 Ah/12V
Loads- AC/DC
Data Logger and PlotterVoltage Range0-200 (V)
Current Range0-2.0 (A)
AccessoriesRadiation meter
Range0 to 1999 (W/m2)
Battery Charger
Output voltage12 (V)
Module Cooling system