The nature and pathways adopted by the learning process has undergone rapid changes in the past year. While the growth and development of technology has always been fast, the unprecedented circumstances  caused by COVID 19 accelerated this growth even more. Today, the teaching-learning experience is deeply influenced by the efficiency with which knowledge can be recorded, shared and disseminated. The importance of the role of e-content development cannot be undermined.

A pioneer in higher education, St. Albert’s College (Autonomous) has always kept up with changing times. Dedicated towards making education available to all under all circumstances, the college opened Accordion, a fully equipped recording studio with the aim of producing a roster of visual learning media to aid students in the online learning process.

Teachers from all the Departments of the College use this facility to record 20-30-minute-long videos explaining selected topics from the syllabus, actively aided by PowerPoint presentations and other visual media. The unique Albertian English Learning Programme has also been successfully adapted into its e-content version. These materials will play a major role in remaining as easily accessible, ever-evolving pathways of learning, remaining for the use of existing students and the ones to come.