Welcome To Our Department

The Department of Chemistry, which came into existence in 1947, is striving to become an institution of National excellence in Chemistry and to become a National R& D Centre in the field of Chemical Science and Technology. The Department offers two, three-year Degree courses, B.Sc Chemistry and B.Sc industrial Chemistry and one Post graduate course, apart from being a Research Centre.


  • To be an institution of national excellence in education in chemistry
  • To become a National R&D centre in the field of chemical science and technology with reference to industry and society
  • To establish a balance between education, innovation, research and service


  • The mission of the Post Graduate Department of Chemistry and Research Centre is to advance the chemical sciences through the education of undergraduate and postgraduate students by providing them with quality education, research and job opportunities. With a high standard of excellence in all these areas, the Department will produce students with knowledge in chemistry who can think critically.


  • Established : 1947
  • UG (B Sc Chemistry) : 1947
  • PG : 1982
  • Research Centre : 2000
  • UG (B Sc Industrial Chemistry) : 2001
  • Certificate Programme : 2019 and 2021
  • Kerala State Pollution Control Board Accredited  B Grade Analytical Laboratory : 2007
  • FIST aided department : 2008 and 2013

Programmes offered by the department

  1. B Sc Chemistry
  2. B Sc Industrial Chemistry
  3. M Sc Chemistry
  4. Ph. D
  5. Certificate Courses: 1( Water Quality Management 2) Cosmetics and Sanitary Formulations

Message from Head of the Department

From Desk of the Head…….Department of Chemistry and Research Centre

The Department of Chemistry and Research Centre has a long history having begun in 1947 with the launch of a three-year degree course. Ever since its inception the Department maintains a sense of community and constructive space for teaching and learning. Over the years, Department have been expanding rapidly and the Post-graduate programme was started in 1982. Our department was identified and recognized as a Research Centre under M. G. University, Kottayam in 2000. A three-year degree course in Industrial Chemistry was started in 2001. The Kerala State Pollution Control Board has accredited the Water Analysis/Pollution control laboratory as a ‘B’ grade analytical laboratory in 2007.  While, the Ministry of Science and Technology Government of India, has identified the department as a ‘FIST aided Department’ in 2008 and 2013. This Department is one of the beneficiary departments of “Star College” scheme of DBT. Since its commencement, four students have awarded Doctoral degree in Chemistry.

All along the staffs of Department of Chemistry and Research Centre has been consistently performing very well and have made valuable research contributions in the field of fundamental and applied Chemistry.  Research interests of department are broad and continue to evolve covering marine chemistry, organic synthesis, organic and organometallic homogeneous catalysis etc.  Department have been equipped with various analytical instruments for chemical and spectral analysis of materials and chemical substances, which help in smooth conduct of research works. The Department has been regular in hosting international and national seminars, providing a platform for researchers, students, representatives of regulatory authorities and Industry to interact and exchange views on current trends in research and innovation, future prospects and possibilities. The department is also proud of our alumni members who have excelled in field of education and industry.

The Department currently offers two graduate and one postgraduate programmes in Chemistry for academic excellence and personal development apart from two Certificate Programmes on Water Quality Management and Cosmetics and Sanitary Formulations. The curriculum and syllabi for above programmes has been designed to strike a balance between professional knowledge and personal skills.  We welcome students who aspire to excel in their life with sheer commitment, perseverance, hard work and global vision. I am sure that the Department of Chemistry is positioned for a bright future.

Warm wishes

Dr. Vijay John Gerson

Head of the Department