College Library

“The only thing that you absolutely have to know is the location of the library.” – Albert Einstein.

The best minds of a society are built in the libraries of its academic institutions. In this age of data-information-knowledge convergence nothing is stronger in an academic community. The academic community depends on the use of the libraries to calibrate and improve their knowledge. It is in this sense that we have renamed institutions of higher learning associated to libraries. Librarians are nowadays not just book keepers but information scientists.

The St. Albert’s College (Autonomous) houses one of the state of the art libraries in the world of Kerala academics. It is well noted that the library is divided into two distinct sections; one for the main campus and the subsidiary one for the Albertian Institute of Management. The main campus library houses around —— books, —- journals, and — electronic resources while AIM library houses around —— books, —- journals, and — electronic resources. It serves also a centre for trainee librarians from various institutions. Dr. Joshi George P., Grade I Librarian, is the chief librarian of the college library and Mr. Joseph Rallie, is the librarian of the AIM branch. They are supported by Mr. T.C. Titus and Mr. Vinu Francis, library assistants. The college also runs a library committee which also helps in the smooth running of the library.


The College Library also has a collection of audio summaries of books for helping students with reading disabilities. The summaries can be accessed through the following link. Click Here