Welcome To Our Department

Social Work Department of St. Albert’s College Autonomous officially commenced in the year  of 2015. Since its inception the department is privileged to host many socially relevant and committed Programmes till to date. The course consisted of 3 specializations such as Medical and Psychiatric Social Work, Family and Child Welfare and Community development and offers placements through Field Work Practicum.


To build a socially just society by strengthening human relationships and promoting the values of equality, diversity, inclusiveness, democracy, and concern for human welfare through academic excellence.


To engage in collaborative learning, research, community initiatives, disseminating knowledge, that embraces the  values of social inclusion thereby enhancing the quality of life with whom we collaborate and interact.


2019: Leading social work activities in college with the collaboration of 22 other departments

2016 : Introduced a programme called “SAVE” : St. Albert’s Voluntary Executives for Social Welfare

2015 : MSW Programme started

Programmes Offered

B.Voc Medical Psychiatric and Social Work (Self Financing)

Master in Social Work (Self Financing)

Department at a glance

St. Alberts college which was founded in 1946 has a great influence in the social life of city of Kochi. But the majority of the courses of the college were Science courses and few language and arts courses.  The management envisioned that the College should guide its social engagement activities with professional guidance of social work department and started Masters Course in Social Work in September 22nd 2015. The new department with its professional outlook to the social activities introduced SAVE (St. Albert’s Voluntary Executives for Social Welfare) programme in 30th July 2016. Now the social work engagement of all 22 departments of the St. Albert’s College is guided by the Department of Social Work for more precise intervention.

Message from Head of the Department

Social work is a practical oriented profession and a science of hope which provides an empathetic approach to the individual, family and the community for their well – being. The Department of social work started their journey with a P.G course in Social Work with 3 specializations, namely, Medical and Psychiatric Social Work, Community Development and Family and child Welfare. As the journey continues by keeping its professional qualities and ethics, a new UG course, B.Voc in Medical and Psychiatric Social work was introduced along with an additional batch of MSW .The department has  faculty members from multidisciplinary fields of social work to guide and orient social work trainees for their personal and professional development.

A strong foundation of social work education and practice is based on three primaries (Social Case Work, Social Group Work and Community Organization) and three auxiliary( Social Welfare Administration, Social Work Research and Social Action) methods. Therefore, department undertakes extensive community development activities ranging from baseline data collection to research based interventions. The practical orientation for social work trainees begins with Meaningful Day in Kochi ,Know Your Neighborhood and 6 days of Rural Sensitization Camp  which provides an immense opportunities for the social work trainees to explore the realistic views of life.

As a part of the curriculum the department offers internships and block placements in national and international organizations in all semesters and an opportunity to study and explore in Katho University, Germany with 5 months of scholarship for an eligible candidate during their final semester. The Department of Social Work also provides a various career oriented programmes which equips the social work trainees to achieve high self esteem, social cohesion and professional competence to overcome the challenges in life and to fulfill their responsibilities towards the society where they live in.

Ms. Roal Roy

Head of the Department In-Charge