Welcome To Our Department

St. Albert’s College has three language courses viz, Malayalam, Hindi and French. The Malayalam and Hindi departments were started in 1946 and the French department was in 2020. The well-known linguists AD Harisharma and M M Mani have served in the Malayalam section and have made acclaimed contributions to the heritage of Kerala State along with the college .Prof. UR Rao, a multilingual scholar and freedom fighter, and Prof. Sivananda Bhatt, a musician and multilingual scholar, are some of the famous teachers who have served in the Hindi section. The French language was added as there was an increase in demand for the language in the modern world. The language department is  one of the departments that offers classes to all the other departments and thus they have developed good interrelationship with the students of the college.


The aim of language studies is to nurture a generation of young people who can understand the importance of language learning and with that combine emotional maturity and creative talent. The philosophy of Malayalam language learning is to create a quest to explore the history, heritage and roots of Kerala culture among the student community. Learning Hindi, the official language of the Union , helps to get acquainted with Indian culture. French can be used to get acquainted with international language and culture.


The mission of the Language Department is to equip the physically, intellectually and linguistically advanced youth to face the challenges posed by modern society.


  • The department was established in 1946 with Malayalam and Hindi as additional languages.
  • In 2020, the French was introduced.

Programmes Offered

We offer common course 2 or additional Language for BCom, BA, BSc, and BVoc Travel & Tourism.

Department at a glance

The journey of our department was started along with the establishment of our college in 1946. During the initial period, the department offers only Malayalam and Hindi. As we are in the globalized world, the college identifies the need for a foreign language and introduced French in 2020. Currently, our department has 7 passionate, devoted and student-focused staff.

Message from the Head of the Department

The department of LanguagesĀ  is the departmentĀ  that interacts with most of the students in the college. Although it functions as an additional language, the language department plays an important role in the all-round development of the students. The combination of French as a foreign language, Hindi as the official language and Malayalam as the mother tongue together leads the students to holistic personality development. The Department of Languages prides itself on preparing the new generation for the development of imagination and the expression of creativity. My sincere gratitude to each and everyone who strive for the betterment of the department.

Dr Augustine K J

Head of the Department