Welcome To Our Department

The Department of Sports Science and Fitness Management of St Albert’s College (Autonomous) Ernakulam aims at developing world class leaders in the field of sports and fitness who can handle and manage their roles with an understanding of the practices, strategies and the fundamentals of the sporting ecosystem and the scopes in the related sector by instilling the necessary business and leadership skills.

The Department provides two B Voc Programs

  • B Voc Fitness Management and Personnel Training (Self Financing)
  • B Voc Sports Nutrition and Physiotherapy ( self Financing)

Whether it’s at elite, semi-elite or recreational levels, both the B Voc programs prepares its student to deliver on all strategic dimensions of the industry- in areas such as health and fitness, marketing and promotions, governance and management, facilities and events, as well as participation development. Both the courses have a duration of 3 years on full-time basis.

The course highlights:

  • Uniquely designed and delivered program to meet the needs of modern day sporting ecosystem
  • Curriculum developed and delivered by industry experts and erudite sports professionals
  • Internship and On the Job Training Opportunities
  • Research and Project Development
  • Campus life that encourages learning by doing


To be a nationally recognized Centre for excellence in teaching health and fitness and to create leaders in the areas of sports, fitness, health, physical activity, physiotherapy, exercise and nutrition.


We stress on academic, athletic, personal, social as well as professional development and make sure that current and future sports professionals excel physically as well as emotionally. We are committed to enrich local communities by providing unparalleled and inclusive educational and recreational programmes, services and facilities to promote physical, social and emotional health and wellness. ed to enrich the local communities by providing unparalleled and inclusive educational and recreational programs, services and facilities to promote physical, social, and emotional health and wellness. This course is especially developed to provide the individual a blend knowledge of fitness education and business principles in order to effectively serve, motivate, and counsel diverse clients.


The department was Inaugrated in the year of July 8th 2019.

Blessing was done by Asst. Manager Jolly John Odathakkal.. Department was formally inaugurated by the Chancellor of Arch Diocese of  Verapoly, Rev. Father Ebigine Arackal.

Programmes Offered

B.Voc Fitness Management and Personnel Training (Self Financing)

B.Voc Sports Nutrition and Physiotherapy (Self Financing)

Message from the Head of the Department

Sports Science and Fitness Management is an interdisciplinary field that explores the complex nature of human movement and how the body responds to acute and chronic physical exertion such as general fitness regimens, recreational activities and elite sports. Sports Science comprise of two B Voc Programs which encompasses many disciplines like exercise physiology, biomechanics, sports and exercise psychology, strength and conditioning, sports nutrition, therapeutic nutrition, sports physiotherapy, human anatomy, human physiology, kinesiology, exercise training and injury prevention.
The Department is committed in preparing their students to take up leadership roles in various fields pertaining to health and human performance. The department look forward in providing students with an exceptional environment to nurture and develop their skills. The multi-disciplinary environment at St Albert’s College with the presence of supporting departments, offers a unique platform for B Voc  Fitness Management and Personnel Training and B Voc Sports Nutrition and Physiotherapy courses to flourish and achieve greater heights.

Ms. Minitha Susan Joseph

Head of the Department In-Charge