The programs offered by Sports Science  and Fitness Management is committed to being nationally recognized for its excellence in teaching health and fitness. Through our excellence, we prepare future leaders in the areas of health, fitness, sports physiotherapy, exercise training, sports nutrition, clinical nutrition and elite sports. We achieve excellence in teaching by using innovative teaching strategies that incorporate active student learning. We complement excellence by incorporating training and internship programs which address critical issues related to health, fitness, and sports performance across the life span. 


Advance cutting-edge sports-specific research, educate current and future sports professionals, improve their physical fitness through proper nutrition, exercise and rehabilitation techniques and harness the power of sport to inspire positive social change. 

We are committed to enrich the local communities by providing unparalleled and inclusive educational and recreational programs, services and facilities to promote physical, social, and emotional health and wellness. This course is especially developed to provide the individual a blend knowledge of fitness education and business principles in order to effectively serve, motivate, and counsel diverse clients.