First Aid Service

First Aid Services for Beach Judo at Vypin Fest

Sports Nutrition and Physiotherapy students extended their consultancy services as First Aiders at Beach Judo competition held on 4 th September 2022 as part of Onam, Vypin Fest conducted at Kuzhipilly Beach, Kochi.

Diet and Exercise Clinic

Albertian Diet and Exercise Clinic was inaugurated and came into function on 17 th August 2022.

It is functioning on every Wednesdays  from 12.30 pm to 1.30 pm in the Wellness Centre of the college. 
Blood pressure, Blood sugar, Height, Weight BMI calculation, Diet consultation for Weight Management, Diabetes, Hypertension, Under weight, Anaemia and for any diet related disorders will be provided to staff and students of the college.
Exercise prescription and Physiotherapy consultations will be also provided on request.
This is an initiative of staff and students of Sports Nutrition and Physiotherapy.