Aye Aye Captain


  • The Albertian Review of Literature (ISSN 2394-3009) is the research journal edited and published by the Department. It is a yearly peer-reviewed journal released every October. It is published in association with the Harrisian Forum for Critical Discourses in Humanities.
  • Magazine of English Literature and Arts is the students’ magazine edited and published by the Department.
  • The English Department Year Book is the annual report cum reference manual of the Department about the activities and progression of its staff and students.
  • The Albertian English Language Programme (AELP) is conducted by the Department for first semester students. LSRW skills are stressed upon and the student puts into practical use his acquired language skills and is as well exposed to newer expressions, as a result of which language learning is internalized and becomes part of his/her everyday verbosity.
  • The Department aims at the intellectual and social upliftment of the female students, and facilitates women’s empowerment through guest lectures, seminars, awareness programmes, life skill training programmes, and other welfare activities.

Teaching/Learning activities:

  • The Department also introduces new innovations in the field of teaching and learning. Multimedia Learning Process, Role Plays and Scenario Analysis Based Teaching, Active Learning, Creativity Tools, Group Discussions and Student Seminars and Legend Making are some of the innovative teaching methods employed to familiarize students with tough papers.
  • Expert Lectures by pioneers associated with the academic field
  • Poet/Writer Live Series – an opportunity for live interaction with writers
  • Extension Lectures