Dr. Nisha Thomji Varghese

 From the Silenced to the Silencer: An Afghan Woman’s Journey from a Fractured Self to Emancipated Womanhood in Atiq Rahimi’s The Patience Stone and Trapped in the Cultural Labyrinth: An Afghan Woman’s Struggle for Identity in Jean Sasson’s For The Love of a Son

Beyond the Veil: The Resilience of the Subservient Afghan Woman in Zarghuna Khagar’s Dear Zari: Hidden Stories from Women of Afghanistan 

Sustainable  Development through Tourism

Fantasphobia: A Peep into the Love- Hate Fascination of Kids for Monsters

Mr. Sebastian K V

Paradigms of Beauty: A Post- Feminist Reading (2013)

Lawrencian Dream in Snake: A Psycho Analytic Approach (2013)

Shifting Discourses of Power: A Post Colonial Perspective (2013)

An interview with  K. Satchidanandan (2014)

Frames of Culture: All Meanings Begin at Home (2015)

“The Subaltern Frame-the Untouchable and the Unread: A Diamat Perspective of  Receptive Creative Reading” (2016)

Cultureless Media: A Call from Plurality to Singularity (2014)

Science Fiction as ‘Anchored in Anger’: The Apes Example (2014)

Hegemony of Terrorism: The New ‘White Man’s Burden (2014)

The ‘Superaltern’ and the Subaltern:The Constructed Logic of Distribution of Resources

Dr. Mary Sapna Peter Miranda

‘The Games People Play: A Psychological Analysis of Dalit Victimization in Ozhivudivasathe Kali. (2022)

The Clinical Delineation of COPD in Arundhati Roy’s The Ministry of Utmost Happiness (2021)

‘The Role of ODL Pedagogy in Providing English towards Inclusive Education in India.’(2017)

‘A Critical Review of Sugam Babu’s Wings. (2016)

’‘Toni Morrison’s Love: From Amore to Agape.’ (2016)

‘Poetry as a Powerful Tool in Communication Skill Classrooms: A Case Study.’ (2016)

‘A Phenomenological Reading of Virginia Woolf’s To The Lighthouse.’ (2015)

‘Second Language Learning Strategies. (2015)

‘Learner Variables in the Acquisition of English as a Second Language in the Open and Distance Mode: An Analysis.’(2014)

‘Learner Variables and Language Prokciency: A Study.’ (2014)

Motivation in the Classroom (2012)

Locating m-learning in India’ (2010)

Review of Dr. M.T.Ahmed’s The Timeless Epitaph and Other Poems (2008)

Review of Baldev Mirza’s The Theatre of Silence (2006)

Review of Baldev Mirza’s The Theatre of Silence (2007)

Review of Baldev Mirza’s Buddha (2005)

‘The Role of ODL Pedagogy in Providing English towards Inclusive Education in India.’ (2017)

‘M-learning in India’ (2012)

‘Christian Folk Arts of Kerala: Time for a Resurrection’ (2012)

Mr. John Sinoj

‘Christian Folk Arts of Kerala: Time for a Resurrection’ (2020)

Spiritual Quest in Hopkins’ Poems (2014)

Dr. Liz Mary Antony

Genesis of Subjugation: An Ecofeminist Reading of The Bible (2018)

Body, Power and Inhumanity: A Biopolitical Analysis of Kazuo Ishiguro’s (2017)

Truncated Portrait of Nature: Unveiling the Era of Ecological Awakening in Malayalam Literature (2017)

Some Reflections on Environmentalism: A Buddhist Viewpoint (2017)

Mapping the Ecocritical Exposition: A Reading of Sarah Joseph’s Gift in Green (2016)

Dr. Sweetha Saji

Mapping the bipolar mind through comics: An interview with Ellen Forney (2021)

Comics in the time of a pan(dem)ic: COVID-19, Graphic Medicine, and Metaphors (2021)

Metaphors of Mental Illness in Graphic Medicine (BOOK) (2021)

Capturing alternate realities: visual metaphors and patient perspectives in graphic narratives on mental illness (2020)

Of Comics and Bipolar Disorder: In Conversation with Rachel Lindsay (2020)

Reflections on the Visceral: Metaphors and Illness Experience (2020)

Is Educational Comics Graphic Medicine? (2019)

Conjuring the ‘Insane’: Representations of Mental Illness in Medical and Popular Discourses (2019)

Graphic illness memoirs as counter-discourse (2019)

Drawing the mind: Aesthetics of representing mental illness in select graphic memoirs (2019)

Graphic Medicine and the Limits of Biostatistics (2018)

(Un)bridgeable Chasms?: Doctor-Patient Interactions in select Graphic Medical Narratives (2018)

Royal Road to Wisdom: Tarot Cards and Justin Green’s Binky Brown Meets the Holy Virgin Mary (2016)

Rhetorics of the Visual: Graphic Medicine, Comics and Its Affordances (2016)

(Re)Shaping Cultures: The Politics of Lexicography with Reference to Ambrose Bierce’s (2016)