21.07.2020An online session on “Unlock the Mind” by Dr. Aneeta Mary Nicholas, Lourdes Hospital.
04.08.2020An online workshop on Advanced Excel by Dr. Sajithamony, Assistant Professor in Statistics, St. Albert’s College, Ernakulam
06.08.2020An online talk on “Computational Fluid Dynamics” by Dr. Zuned Hajiali, Wigston Academy, United Kingdom.
07.08.2020An online workshop on Matlab by Dr. Shraddha Ingale, Assistant Professor, Arts & Science College, Ahmednagar.
12.08.2020An online talk on Bioinformatics by Dr. John J George, HOD, Christ College, Gujarat.
13.08.2020An online session on eye care by Dr. Rani Joseph, Lourdes Hospital, Ernakulam
27.08.2020Visit to an orphanage called Thanal as a part of Onam celebration.
28.08.2020Kanakkonam – Onam Celebration
05.09.2020An animated video competition on the topic “Ragging and its consequences”.
15.09.2020An online session on “Cryptography” by Dr. Jay Mehta, Sardar Patel University, Gujarat.
25.09.2021Research Club Inauguration followed by a talk on “Morphology”
27.09.2020Orenda 1 – A student alumni interactive session with Ms. Navaneetha M. R, who awarded a full research scholarship to pursue Ph.D. in Mathematics at Arial University, Israel.
01.10.2020  Research Club Meeting   Student Project Presentation 1
03.10.2020An online session on flowers by Dr. Mini Pillai, Teacher in London.
07.10.2020Inauguration of Mathematics Association
11.10.2020Orenda 2 – A student alumni interactive session with Ms. Vincy Anandi Jacob who is a civil service aspirant.
17.10.2020An online session on “Phase Plane Analysis on Linear System of Differential Equations” by Dr. V O Thomas, Associate Professor, The M S University, Baroda.
25.10.2020Orenda 3 – A student alumni interactive session with Mr. Rupesh K.T, who is currently working as a Database Administrator at IBM Bangalore.
05.11.2020An online talk on “Introduction to Fractional Differential Equations” by Dr. Sheena Mathew, Alphonsa College, Pala.
08.11.2020Orenda 4 – A student alumni interactive session with Ms. Rachel Paul, who is currently working as an Assistant Professor in Mathematics at Carmel College, Mala.
22.11.2020Orenda 5 – A student alumni interactive session with Biji George, who is working as an Assistant Commissioner of Police at Kochi.
27.11.2020Webinar on Importance of primes in cryptosystems by Dr. Ozen Ozer, Associate Professor, Kirkareli University, Turkey.
06.12.2020Orenda 6– A student alumni interactive session with Ms. Athira C. A, who is currently working as a Grade B officer in RBI.
23.12.2020An online Christmas celebration.
27.12.2020Orenda 7 – A student alumni interactive session with Mr. Sreejith K. R, who is currently working as Senior Accountant in Principal Accountant General at Thiruvananthapuram.
26.01.2021An online department Maths quiz.
30.01.2021A J Peter Memorial Quiz Competition
14.02.2021Orenda 8 – A student alumni interactive session with Mr. Baiju Joseph, who is currently working with the Yahoo Small Business.
27.02.2021A O Konnully Memorial All Kerala Intercollegiate Mathematics Online Quiz Competition
08.03.2021An online interactive session with Dr. Thulasi, Gynecologist.
18.03.2021Albertian Knowledge Summit
15.05.2021Farewell function.
17.05.2021An online talk on birds by Ms. Niranjana C who is currently pursuing Masters Degree in Wildlife Biology and Conservation from National Centre for Biological Sciences, Bengaluru.


04.07.2019Inauguration of Mathematics Association.
24.07.2019Logical Reasoning Competition.
27.09.2019Albertian Swachatha Mission
27-11-2019Inauguration of Research Club
18-12-2019Awareness Campaign at Koonammav.
13.01.2020Albertian Knowledge Summit
09-01-2020 11-01-2020Albertian Educational Expo 2020
11-01-2020Prof. A J Peter Memorial Quiz
23-01-2020Intradepartmental Athletic Meet 2020
03-02-2020MERAKI 2020
24-02-2020Farewell Function


26.06.2018Talk on Technology Trends by Baiju Joseph T, Director- Yahoo Small Business, USA.
29.06.2018World Cup Football Competition
13.07.2018Fresher’s Day
26.07.2018Inauguration of Mathematics Association.
27.07.2018German Language Class
11.08.2018Onam Celebration with Inmates of Home of Faith
18.09.2018Sudoku Competition
04.12.2018Intradepartmental Athletic Meet
20.12.2018Visit to Old Age Home
22.12.2018Christmas Celebration
18.01.2019Research Club Inauguration
19.01.2019Albertian Knowledge Summit
29.01.2019- 28.02.2019Spanish Language Coaching Class
22.02.2019Farewell Function