DateName of the program
9/11/2020 to 13/11/2020:Schola Brevis 2020 (UG program)
9/11/2020Inauguration and orientation on” Ensuring quality and Documentation” and “Academic Affairs.”
10/11/2020Orientation on “Training and Development” and “Examinations and Evaluation”
11/11/2020“Career growth through research and publication”, “Nurturing Every Students” and “Corpus Funds, Schorlarships and Endowments”
12/11/2020Department level orientation
13/11/2020“Alumnus Talk” and “Industrial Talk”
16/11/2020 to 20/11/2020Schola brevis 2020 (PG program)
5/6/2020Environment day celebration
22/6/2020International yoga day
2/7/2020Webinar on demystifying esg investing
7/8/2020Webinar series on project report preparation- part 1
27/8/2020 to 29/8/2020 :Webinar series on budding entrepreneurs
27/8/2020Inauguration and Talk on Government Schemes for Self Employment
28/8/2020Bake n’ Flake
29/8/2020El Agua
28/9/2020Webinar on “E – filing of income tax return
10/10/2020Webinar series on project report preparation part 2
4/9/2020International webinar on intellectual property rights
13/11/2020PTA meeting convened for I B.com (aided)
19/11/2020World women entrepreneurship day
10/12/2020Human rights day celebration
29/1/2021Motivational       talk     on “don’t       limit     your challenges, challenge your limits”
3/2/2021Webinar series on project report preparation Part 3
24/2/2021Webinar series on project report preparation Part 4
27/2/2021Placement training on interview skills
12/2/2021Webinar on women empowerment: An effective tool for development
8/2/2021Albertian youth festival 2021: Chiraku-give wings to your dreams   Short story writing competition (English & Malayalam)
23/3/2021SEBI global money week webinar
25/3/2021Workshop on CV preparation and interview skills
9/3/2021Attire day and mock interview
24/4/2021Albertian Knowledge Summit
31/5/2021World no tobacco day celebration
31/5/2021Oath taking ceremony
2/2/2021PTA meeting convened for I M.com (aided)