Academic Extension Activities


Aug 12th, 2019

On 8 August 2019, due to heavy rainfall in the Monsoon season, Severe flood affected Kerala. As a security measure in the prevailing situation of heavy rains, the Government of Kerala had issued Red alert in the 9 districts in Northern and Central Kerala, orange alert in 3 districts of Central Kerala, and yellow alert in the 2 districts of southern Kerala. Thousands of people have been evacuated to safer places and relief camps. A total of 101 people have died due to rain-related incidents since 14 August 2019.

Students of Renewable Energy Department under the guidance of teachers of the department assembled emergency LED lamp kits on 12th Aug and sent it to the flood affected areas of Wayanad.


The world needs to switch towards green energy sources and utilize energy efficiently for sustainability of energy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay through its Solar Urja through Localization for Sustainability (SoULS) Initiative has been working on facilitating localized solar solutions involving local communities in assembly, distribution, repair and maintanence and even manufacturing of solar products.  The Gandhi Global Solar Yatra is organized in the context of climate change, energy access, self-sufficiency in energy and global harmony marking the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi by IIT Bombay.

As a culmination event, the Students Solar Ambassador Workshop was organized on 2nd October 2019 wherein more than  1 Million Students Solar

Ambassadors received hands-on training in the solar lamp assembly across the globe on 2nd October 2019. Since this day is recognized as the International Non-Violence Day, the day will be extended as Non-Violence towards Environment Day.

Following outcomes are anticipated through the Gandhi Global Solar Yatra and the Students Solar Ambassador Workshop:

  • Sensitization towards dire consequence of climate change
  • More than 1 Million Global Students Solar Ambassadors across the globe
  • Skill development for millions of students in schools across the world
  • Awareness about off-grid solar solutions for complete, cost-effective and reliable energy
  • Policy dialogue with critical stakeholders about decentralized solar energy access at scale
  • Promotion of International day on Non-Violence to Environment

The Department of Renewable Energy organized this event and almost 75 students received hands on training on solar lamp assembly under the teacher trainers who attended online training from IIT Bombay. Mr. Antony Raju, Ms Pearl Antonette Mendez and Ms. Sanju Augustin (Assistant Professors, Dept of Renewable Energy) were the teacher trainers for the same.

Visit to Mithradham as part of Gandhi Global Solar Yatra – Aug 6th, 2019

Talk by Dr. Chetan Singh Solanki,

Department of Energy Sciences & Engineering, IIT Bombay