Albertian Science Popularisation Program

εὕρηκα : ‘A walk through laws of Nature’

 The Albertian Science Popularisation Program (ASPP) was conducted on the campus on 6th April 2022. The Department of Physics has organized an event named εὕρηκα : ‘A walk through laws of Nature’ , which consisted of a demonstration of experiments in the laboratory for the students visiting the campus related to ASPP. The experiment was arranged with the guidance of Dr. Louie Frobel, Dr. Arun Babu K. P., and Dr. Anjana R. Our 2nd-year B.Sc. Physics students were taken the initiative to explain and demonstrate the experiments to the visitors. The Department has arranged five experiments covering the fields from fundamental physics to electronics.


1. Surface tension and viscosity

2. Diffraction of Laser using a grating..

An experiment was set up to show the wave nature of light and its diffraction. The experiment was demonstrated and explained by Anuroopa Vincent, Tania K. C., and Sreelakshmi Jain. We arranged a laser source and used the grating to have a diffraction pattern, which was displayed on the screen. The wave properties of nature and its diffraction were explained and demonstrated with this experiment.

3. Newtons Ring experiment.

 An experiment to demonstrate the interference of light was arranged. The Newton’s Ring experiment was explained and demonstrated by Vishnuvardhan K. K and Stefna Jose. Visitors were allowed to visualize Newton’s ring, an interference pattern formed by the wave property of light. An explanation for the formation of these ring patterns was given to the visitors to have an idea of various phenomena observed around us in nature. 

4. Logic Gates.

Considering our current era of the digital world, we have set up an experiment to demonstrate the fundamental of all digital operations. The logic gates and 7 segment display were demonstrated and explained by Shravan T A and Aadith Francis K. Visitors were allowed to understand and visualize how the different logical operations in digital electronics are performed using the fundamental electronic components. Also, we have demonstrated the binary coded decimal systems and their display in a decimal form using a seven-segment display unit.

Oscillators and Amplitude modulation

The fundamental of communication is based on the generation of a carrier wave and modulation of signals. We have set up an experiment to demonstrate these aspects. These were demonstrated and explained by Elton D’Souza and Sreenath G R. A phase shift oscillator was designed and demonstrated to the visitors and explained the principle of formation of output oscillations without giving an input signal. We have also demonstrated the amplitude modulation of signals with a carrier frequency and displayed the waveforms of signal, carrier, and modulated signal. These experiments have given them a brief understanding of the fundamentals of communication. 

Name of Staff Members

  • Dr. Louie Frobel P G
  • Dr. Arun Babu K P
  • Dr. Anjana R

Name of Student Volunteers

  • Aadith Francis K
  • Aadith S Kumar
  • Anuroopa Vincent
  • Chris Nevin Kurian
  • Elton D’Souza
  • Ribin Thomas
  • Sanjana Sethunath
  • Shravan T A
  • Sreelakshmi Jain
  • Sreenath G R
  • Stefna Jose
  • Tania K C
  • Vishnuvardhan K K