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Schola Brevis Inauguration Report

Department of Business Management

Department of BBM  St. Albert’s College (Autonomous) had conducted  “Schola Brevis” ,on 2nd  December  start with inaugural ceremony. Programme started at 10AM.The function started with the Prayer song of St. Albert’s College (Autonomous). Asst. Prof. Niya Eddin delivered welcome speech. After that Rev. Fr. Jolly John Odathakkal, Vice Chairman of St. Albert’s College delivered Presidential address and he mentioned the attractive factors of management studies and chief guest Mr. Binoy Augustine, Vice President and Regional head Federal, bank delivered inaugural speech and he was sharing his experience it was an informative and interactive session and it was Followed by Dr. Geo Jose Fernandez mentioned the felicitation. As part of inaugural ceremony Fr. John Christopher  Asst. Prof. Amala Mary K S Head of the retail management department wind up the inaugural ceremony with vote of thanks

Webinar on “Intellectual property right’’


As part of the Entrepreneurship Week, Department of Business Administration (BBA) organised the ‘YET SERIES 3.o'(Young entrepreneural talk) on 10th August 2022. The session commenced at 11.30 a.m. with the welcome address by Esther Sereena, student of 3rd year BBA.

The talk was then conducted by Prof. Justin Pual, world’s top 0.1% cited Author Editor in Chief, International Journal of Consumer Studies, University of Puerto Rico, USA. He mainly talked about the opportunities of small industries and how young people should come forward to do more business. He also motivated students to step into the field of business. The session was a fun and interesting one.

Towards the end of the session Dr.Shobitha, Head -of-department presented a momento to prof.Justin Pual  as a token of appreciation. The session was then concluded by  a vote of thanks by Roya Mariam, student of 3rd year BBA.

                    Student innovators and patents

Department of Business Administration (BBA) organised a session on ‘ student innovators and patents ‘ on 4th July, 2022 in III BBA. The session started at 11.30 a.m. with the welcome address by Dr.Shobitha PS, head-in-charge.

Neenu Anna, assistant professor, Computer science department took over the session afterwards. The session was mainly about patents, its benefits and the steps involved in the process of applying for a patent. Almost at the end of the session there was a Q&A session, which  made the session more interactive.

The session was so useful for the students as it was something related to what they where about to study.

The session was concluded by a vote of thanks by Dr. Ajitha, assistant professor of BBA.


The department of BBA in St Alberts college (Autonomous) had hosted a series of orientation talks for their students in order to enhance their knowledge in various aspects of management and life. Talks from people from various walks of life such as an industrial expert giving a talk about the post of a company secretary to an alumnus of the college giving us a talk about how the college is and especially how the course of BBA was for her.

we have the vice principal talking to us about the rules and regulations of the college, she explained and made it very clear that this college makes it necessary that their staff as well as students should follow the rules and regulations religiously. Ensuring you have your ID card with you at all times, making sure you reach the college on time, to only use your mobile phones where its allowed. These are a few of the important rules to be followed while in the college. She took a very easy and straight forward class and not to mention a helpful one as well.

Here we have an external industrial expert who was a company secretary he spoke to us and made us understand what options we have after our BBA course. Specifically, we were educated about the post of a Company Secretary. He told us what all necessary exams and colleges you can go to in order to pursue this specific post. He used monetary terms to gain and retain the attention of the students, he even said how flexible the entire post is and how you can either work for a company or you can practice at home like how he did. Most importantly or surprisingly he said how in demand this job is. The students had no doubt after the session and I would say, they understood the class very well We also had an alumni talk to tell us about the college experience and how they got to the positions they are at today. For starters we had an talk from our BBA senior Taniya, she was a pass out of the year 2022. She emphasized the NCC and NSS programs our college offers to their students. She was a part of the NCC she had gone to Lakshadweep islands for their camp and she said that the most important part about NCC was the grace marks and how students can still get a very well percentage in their academics even if they are a part of the NCC or NSS. She also said that they had a wonderful experience focusing on their physical fitness as well as body endurance.

Albertian Cultural Dayz

On 8th July 2022, after the 2 years of pandemic break the Department of Business Administration conducted the Albertian Cultural Dayz in St. Albert’s College (Autonomous), Ernakulam. The event commenced at 1 pm in Baccineli Hall. The Presidential speech was delivered by Rev. Dr. Antony Thoppil, Chairman and Manager, followed by Prof. Jincy Joseph, Prof. Dr. Shobita PS. The chief guest of the day was Bijibal Maniyil, Composer, playback singer and keyboardist. The students of St. Albert’s College performed various programs as per the list by MG University. At 1:55 pm the program ended with the group dance by the students of BBA Department.

Report on “Plant the Sapling Initiative-2022” in connection to World Environment Day

On the 6th of June 2022, the BBA department in connection with the World Environment Day conducted a sapling distribution programme called as “365 Days Green Challenge” to incorporate a habit of cultivating vegetables at home.

The students distributed 50 Chilli saplings and 50 Tomato saplings for 10 rupees each. The programme is divided into 3 phases. The first phase deals with handing out of saplings to the staffs of St. Albert’s college (Autonomous).

World Day Against Child Labour

On the wake of “World Day Against Child Labour”, falling on the 12th of (Autonomous) conducted a flash mob to catch people’s attention so as to inform them about the perils of child labour and encourage people to report any act of child labour to the concerning authorities. The flash mob was a success as it achieved both the goals of entertaining people as well as spreading the message about abolition of child labour.