In the true spirit of Christmas, the Department of Business Administration conducted a social
outreach program on 23rd December 2021 for the inmates of Palluruthy Relief Settlement,
Cochin. The students of the BBA Department were encouraged to contribute towards this noble
cause. The contributions were wisely spend on purchasing food supplies for the inmates and
were delivered by the faculties and students of the BBA Department.

The Department of Business Administration, St. Albert’s college (Autonomous) in association with Internal committee for students with disability conducted Sathwanam 2021, A Social outreach initiative to provide support to differently abled women of “Home for physically handicapped women thevara and there by hands on training in making carpets from waste clothes by the inmates.


A Visit to Orphanage is a life-changing experience as it is filled with emotions and sentiments. We were lucky to get an opportunity to visit an Orphanage named Valsalya Bhavan Ammathottil at Thamanam Ernakulam on 14th November 2020 on the eve of Children’s day. There were 20 kids with 2 caretakers and a sister in charge of their wee-being. We 4 staffs and a student visited and as they were not permitting more number of visitors during this pandemic situation. We distributed books, pen, pencils, colors, sketches, charts and some craft items to the children there.

They all were very much disciplined and obedient. As there were no students and due to Covid- 19 we couldn’t conduct any activities. It was quite an emotional moment for us. It as a learning experience. Innocence of love was apparent on their eyes. It was evident that they wanted us to spend time with them rather than any materialistic help. It was an emotional as well as an awakening moment for us. We happily spend some time with them and bid them adieu.



On 3rd September 2019, the Department of Business Administration, St. Albert’s College (Autonomous) Ernakulam, as part of the social outreach program, visited FIH Shantibhavan Convent Old Age Home, Edakochi. Asst. Prof Akhila Lal was the coordinator.

OBJECTIVES: To visit the old age home and to hand over a small contribution from the department’s side.