Warehouse Visit at Allwin Technologies,  Kalady

The department of Logistics Management had organised warehouse visit to Allwin Technologies, Kalady as a part of logistics week celebration. There were total 78 students including 2nd year and final year students. At 11.30 a.m we started from the college and reached the warehouse at1.30 P.m. The interactive session was taken by company officials and board members. The owner of the firm has shared few real life incidents in the discussion. The session was followed by Mr. Clement, Manager Operations and Mr. Unni, the warehouse operator. The functioning of forklift was shown infront of the students. The session was concluded by Mrs. Lakshmi G, Head of the department.


Industrial Visit at Lockhart Tea Museum, Harrisons Malayalam Limited, Munnar

An industrial visit to Lockhart Tea Museum, Harrisons Malayalam Limited, Munnar for the batch 2020 . On receiving the letter of permission from Harrison Tea factory at munnar, 49  students with three members prof. Lynn Paul and prof. Anjana , prof. Roshni Alice prem went on an industrial visit to the factory on 12-4-2022 .we all assembled at college at 5 am and left the college in a bus. We reached the factory at 10’o clock. There was a sir he told us lots about tea leafs, there are three types of tea white tea, black tea and green tea, the white tea is so expensive than other tea’s and the white tea is prepared using the bud and Green tea is prepared using 2 stem leaf and black tea is prepared using 3 stem tea leaf and we understood how the tea plant is planted and also understood how the tea leaves are collected, the sir said so many things like this and then we go to factory, the factory was approx 2km away from the garden and we arrived at the factory they told and showed all the activities going on there and showed the machines used for preparing tea powder. And how the tea powders are manufactured and differentiate according to their grades and categories. Finally they show how the quality of tea powder is tested.The visit can to an end at 3 pm. We left the premises at 4 pm.


Willington Island