UG, PG, Ph. D. and Certificate programmes

B.Sc. Botany (6 Semesters)
M.Sc. Botany (4 Semesters)
B.Sc. Subsidiary Botany (For Zoology)  (4 Semesters)
Ph. D Program Minimum (3Years)
Certificate Program in Herbarium Techniques (3 Months)

Syllabus of each programme:

1.a. B. Sc. Botany Program
Semester I
Methodology of science and Introduction to Botany.
Microbiology, Mycology and plant pathology.
Semester II
Phycology and Bryology
Pteridology Gymnosperms and Paleobotany
Semester III
Anatomy, Reproductive Botany, Microtechnique
Research Methodology, Biophysics and Biostatistics
Plant Physiology and Biochemistry
Environmental science and human rights
Open Course Agri. Based Microenterprises
Semester IV
Genetics Plant Breeding and Horticulture
Cell and Molecular Biology
Angiosperm Morphology, Taxonomy and Economic Botany
Biotechnology and Bioinformatics
Core- Choice Based Course – Agribusiness
Project & Viva
1.b. Complementary Program – Botany for Zoology Students.
Semester I
Cryptogams, Gymnosperms and Plant Pathology
Plant Physiology.
Semester II
Angiosperm Taxonomy and Economic Botany
Anatomy and Applied Botany

II. M.Sc. Botany Program – Plant Biotechnology
Microbiology & Phycology
Mycology & Crop pathology
Bryophytes & Pteridophytes
Gymnosperms and Paleobotany & Evolution
Anatomy & Developmental Biology
Horticulture & Cell Biology
Genetics & Plant Breeding
Plant Physiology & Biochemistry
Molecular Biology
Research Methodology, Micro-technique, Biostatistics &Biophysical Instrumentation
Biotechnology, Bioinformatics and Bio-nanotechnology
Angiosperm Taxonomy, Economic Botany and Ethanobotany
Environmental Science
Elective course – Biotechnology
Plant tissue Culture and Microbial Biotechnology
Genetic Engineering, Genomics and Immunology
Genomics,Transcriptomics, Proteomics and Bioinformatics
Project work
III. Ph. D. Program. offered in the following areas
Environmental Biology, Plant Physiology,
Algal biology and Taxonomy
Applied Botany and Mycology
Biotechnology, Molecular biology and Genetic engineering
IV. Certificate Program in Herbarium Methodology
Herbarium Preparation and Management
Theory: 18hrs
Practical 9hrs