The lockdown period proved to be useful in bringing out the creativity deeply embedded in the minds of our students. Albertians tackled boredom by releasing their artistic spirit which had been suppressed under the time-constraints of routine life. Many students found their inner chef while experimenting in the kitchen, while others became singers, dancers, actors, poets and craftsmen. This immensely talented bunch made the best of the COVID-19 imposed lockdown and honed their skills which were previously undernourished. The artistic expressions of our students, which included Tik-tok videos, paintings, handmade craft items, and so on was shared through social media to inspire others to use the time on their hands wisely and remain productive and optimistic during this tough period of our life. Albertians exalted the importance of finding a silver lining in every cloud through their creativity, even during the rampage of a deadly pandemic like COVID-19. To see all the creative efforts, please check out the Instagram page of our college – https://www.instagram.com/st.albertscollege/

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