St. Albert’s College (Autonomous), established in 1945 in the heart of the city of Kochi, has certain unique practices focusing on its distinctiveness as a knowledge hub in almost all areas of human endeavour. 

Unique programmes offered at St.Albert’s College (Autonomous)

Aimed at addressing at least a few of the local needs of the relatively industrialized coastal city of Cochin, the College offers specialized programmes in Aquaculture, Industrial Fisheries, Industrial Chemistry, Logistic Management, Fitness Management, Sports, Nutrition and Physiotherapy, Renewable Energy and Journalism and Mass Communication apart from a plethora of knowledge and awareness programmes. The College also offers M.Sc in Space Science and Technology, a unique programme under the UGC innovative scheme. 

The College has 14 skill development vocational courses at UG and PG levels in accordance with the National Skill Qualifying Framework, which facilitates the component of skill development in the proposed National Education Policy as well as creates a space for the talent development of youngsters in the country. These programmes build actual competencies, bridge skills gaps, boost productivity and increase employment, all of which have a positive impact on society.

 Learning Management System with 300 online courses

The College has a Learning Management System where around 300 courses are offered online (alberts.edu.in/academics/e-content/) which incubates and nurtures the thinking process. Students are given fresh themes to discuss and collect data and high-order thinking abilities are developed due to this continuous process.

 Specialized research groups       

There is a Conservation Research Group (CRG) of faculty members who are actively involved in research with regard to the conservation of endangered species. Additionally, the College has a Sea Club that conducts various activities in collaboration with the Marine Products Export Development Authority (MPEDA) with a view of imparting knowledge and awareness to fishermen/fisherwomen/processing workers, technicians, etc. in fish quality management, conservation of fish resources as well as sustainable fishing. The College has 129 research publications in various national and international journals of repute. Many PG students of the College could do their project work in premier institutes in India with scholarships.

Albertian International Educational Expo

St Albert’s College believes that the contribution of education to community development is vast and complex and that education can help to develop the understanding and knowledge of individuals, communities, and societies. The Albertian International Educational Expo was initiated with the aim to empower students to make informed decisions about their lives and the community around them so as to promote civic engagement and social responsibility and a sense of belonging to a community. 

Albertian Knowledge Summit

The College has initiated an international conference on multidisciplinary research named Albertian Knowledge Summit to promote research and innovation – a month-long programme conducted every year. Delegates and scholars from various parts of the globe visit the College and share their research outputs, knowledge, and ideas in multiple disciplines. 

Albertian Incubation Centre

The Albertian Incubation Centre was set up with the aim to promote a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship in society. It promotes innovation and revolutionizes the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Recognizing that the concept of computer literacy is multifaceted and the involvement of the home, workplace, community, and College in creating a computer-literate society, the Albertian Computer Centre was set up with the aim of providing computer literacy to enable participation in the knowledge society. 

Academic and Industrial Collaborations

More than 81 MoUs are operational which comprise collaborations with academic, industrial, and non-governmental organizations with a multidisciplinary approach. The academic community in the Institution is engaged in research in areas that create not only a new knowledge base but also a knowledge base that sustains human society.

Journal Club

To keep students updated about recent innovations and literature, many departments conduct a Journal Club for PG students where students present their views and ideas on relatively new articles from a reputed journal. The College also encourages students from nearby schools to conduct experiments in the science department laboratories and also provides them opportunities to visit the research laboratories and utilize the instrument facilities of the College.

Unique Student Support Programmes

Walk With the Scientist and Meet the Alchemist are some of the highly successful academic extension programmes of the College that cater to students who exhibit outstanding aptitude and talent in different learning areas. In addition, the College offers skill and competency development programmes like the Albertian English Language Programme, Albertian Happiness Programme, etc. for undergraduate students, and Pioneer Build-up, Junior Scientist Programmes etc. for high school students. The full-time residential Civil Service Grooming Programme (CSGP) is a unique programme conducted by the College where talented students get benefited. 

The Albertian Integral Development Programme (AIDP)

The Albertian Integral Development Programme (AIDP), a community engagement extension programme of the College is conducted to empower the young people of the community. Activities such as career guidance seminars and counselling, individual mentoring, etc are carried out under the title “Vidyamarg”. 

Commitment towards Society

The College conducted a national seminar -“Rebuild Kerala”, in the aftermath of the 2018 Kerala Floods, where sustainable redevelopment of various flood-affected sectors was discussed. A panel of experts participated, shared their views, and documented a proposal. 

The College promotes LED lamps on campus and gives training for making the same through workshops. The College has an astronomical observatory equipped with two telescopes and peripheral equipment which is used by students and the general public to observe rare cosmic events. 

The faculty from the Albertian Institute of Management are resource persons at the Ernakulam Service Society where they handle sessions on Entrepreneurial Development. 

To conserve art and culture, the College fosters the celebration of ethnic diversities to help students reconnect with the country’s traditional and cultural roots. This promotes the true essence of age-old customs and traditions that have helped forge the different ethnic communities of India. St.Albert’s College has all three wings of the National Cadet Corps (NCC) and an NSS unit that are highly active with regard to various activities that impart awareness to students and service to the general public. 

The teaching-learning process is an active engagement in education, training, knowledge production, and innovation initiatives that produce physically and mentally sound, emotionally balanced as well as psychologically and spiritually enlightened students who are empowered to build a reliable, structured, and efficient society.

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