Albertian Storytellers

In the light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Albertian Centre for eLearning of St. Albert’s College (Autonomous) is organizing a scheme to utilize the lockdown days to spread happiness and cheer in the world. Albertians were encouraged to participate and be book readers in order to release the Albertian Audiobook for visually challenged people. This […]

Artists Ahoy!

#Albertiansduringlockdown The lockdown period proved to be useful in bringing out the creativity deeply embedded in the minds of our students. Albertians tackled boredom by releasing their artistic spirit which had been suppressed under the time-constraints of routine life. Many students found their inner chef while experimenting in the kitchen, while others became singers, dancers, […]

Ecowarriors: Guardians of the Green

In connection with the World Earth Day 2020, the Department of Physics of St. Albert’s College organized an awareness programme with two events, e-poster competitions, and poetry competitions. ‘Ecowarriors’ was the theme given to both the events. This event is a chance for the participants to express themselves and forget the stress of the COVID-19 […]

Entering the Cyber Arena of Education

Today, every aspect of life all over the world is greatly anchored on cybernetics. As the world is engulfed by the tentacles of Corona virus, the world is now compelled to squeeze out the immense possibilities of the cyber saga. In such a context Open Educational Resources play a key role in the contemporary educational […]

Musical Quarantine

The COVID-19 lockdown period saw various activities emerge forth from St. Albert’s College, and the musical contest VIP Sa Re Ga Ma Pa was another such contest which brightened up the lockdown days. This was a competition where people could easily participate from their homes, and even those with stage fright would get an opportunity […]