The NSS unit of St. Albert’s College (Autonomous) elected a new executive committee for the academic year 2020 – 21. The committee consists of 21 members including the NSS secretaries Mr. Yadu Kishna R S and Ms. Jisna Johnson. Ms. Gaury Rajan was assigned with the duty of project leader. Mr. Francis Tino and Mr. Jijoy T J were appointed as technical cell members. Ms. Fiya Sebastian was elected as the treasurer. The documentation team consists of Ms. Elizabeth Saniya, Ms. Nekha George, Ms. Sanila Mariya and Ms. Aleena Catherene. The other executive members are Mr. Ajin Roy, Mr. Sharvin Raphael, Mr. Bindesh Pradeep, Mr. Sarath P S, Ms. Mruthula Madhu, Ms. Lidhiya Mary, Ms. Amala V S, Ms. Merlin Thomas, Ms. Fathima Afrin, Ms. Dania Dominic and Ms. Arya S John.