The first Junior Scientist Program of the new academic year in collaboration with Navadarsan, Archdiocese of Varapoly, was held on 24th July, 2020. The main aim of this program was to impart chemical literacy to school students and to show them the important role Chemistry plays in their daily lives. This also aimed at arousing the interest of young children in Chemistry through a variety of magical experiments and demonstrations.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, the Junior Scientist Program was conducted as a video recording program. Dr. Vijay John Gerson, Head of the Department introduced the programs offered by the Department of Chemistry and the significance of this subject. He explained the importance of Chemistry as a central science and the role of chemistry in making our everyday life better. He inaugurated the experimental session by demonstrating the blue bottle experiment. Mr. Joseph Prince D and Dr. Nisha V S, faculty members of department of Chemistry conducted several experiments.

Mr. Joseph Prince D introduced different laboratory equipments and apparatus used in the chemistry laboratory. He also conducted several magical experiments which opened doors to the wonderful world of Chemistry.

Dr. Nisha V S gave a talk on Chemistry in Covid-19. In this presentation she explained the key role of chemistry in explaining viral structure, isolation of vaccines, development of new materials and health care products. A demonstration of different healthcare products like soap, liquid soap and sanitizer was also carried out.