Books Published

Ms. Neenu Kuriakose

  • Fundamentals of Python
  •       Computer Networks Operations

Ms. Amrutha N

  • Advanced Data Structures
  • Computer Fundamentals & Basics of PC Hardware

Ms. Haritha Rajeev

  • Introduction to Software Engineering


Smart Irrigation System developed by the faculties of Computer Science at the St.Albert’s College (Autonomous) has been awarded a patent. The invention entitled as Intelligent IoT based Smart Irrigation System using Cloud Computing. This invention aims to reduce the efforts of farmers by integrating Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing in the field of Agricultural sector.
The Assistant Professors, Ms. Sangeetha J, Ms. Dhanya G S,Mr. Amal M R, Ms. Neenu Kuriakose, Ms. Amrutha N, Ms.Agnes Neenu N T  of the Department of Computer Science, St.Albert’s College (Autonomous) contributed to this invention.