*UN75 Women and Girls – Closing the Gender Gap*

Gender equality and the empowerment of all women and girls is a goal in itself as well as a catalyst for the achievement of all the other goals. At the current rate of change, the global gender gap will not close for another 100 years. As the UN Secretary-General warned, “change is coming at a pace that is too slow for the women and girls whose lives depend on it”. Over the next 10 years, the global community must act with urgency and determination to accelerate progress and achieve gender equality for all women and girls everywhere. At this juncture Albertian Foundation is calling youth to participate in the global dialogue *UN-75 Women and Girls – Closing the Gender Gap*

Register in this link https://elearning.alberts.edu.in/blog/2020/08/30/un75-s5/
 before 11th September and *email your video speech to [email protected]* (text of the speech too) *before 12th September* and the Final presentation is on 13th September 2020.

The best 10 participants will be selected to present the live finale with three rounds.

*Presentation Round* where each participant will get 8 to 10 minutes time for presenting the UN75 topic on Women and Girls – Closing the Gender Gap.

. The Second Round will be *Deliberation Round* of 20 to 30 minutes. All the selected participants can engage in deliberations – discussions to complement and supplement the views and there is no specific time for each participant.

The Third Round will be *Call for Action Round* where each participant will get 2 to 5 minutes to conclude each one’s presentation and share the final message for action or to be a role model.

The best student will be bestowed with the Title *Ambassador of Womens and Girls* and will get a chance to visit the UN Office in Vienna (have to bear the expense). Make your voice heard in the UN.!!!

For more information contact
*Prof. Shine Antony* 9895403578
[email protected]