Following the inauguration of the Research Club, the first meeting of the club was held on the 1st of October 2020. The UG Students’ Project Presentations commenced from this meeting. Bhavya Lakshmi P M made a presentation on “Matrix Representation of Graph”, Keerthy Prasad on “Representation of Finite Groups”, Nygil Jerome Nidhin on “Perfect Numbers”, Irene Joseph on “Riemann Hypothesis” and Sandra Grace Nelson on “Fuzzy Set Theory and its Applications” in the presence of Ms. Divya Mary Daise S and Ms. Anju M M, members of faculty of the Department of Mathematics. Each presentation included an abstract, importance and novelty of the topic, preliminaries, chapterwise summary and conclusion. The second meeting was on the 8th of October, 2020 during which Jerin Joseph made a presentation on “Permutations”, Sandra P G on “Mersenne Primes”, Abhirami R on “Probability of Fuzzy Events” and Nimna V J on “Two Dimensional Generalized Arithmetic Progression” in the presence of Ms. Divya Mary Daise S.

The third meeting was on the 15th of October, 2020 during which Haritha C P made a presentation on “Basic Concepts of Fuzzy Graph”, Thomas J Xavier on “From Boolean Algebra to Unified Algebra”, Ganga V S on “Consecutive Prime and Highly Total Prime Labelling in Graphs from Graph Theory” and Saranya S on “Stiff Equations” in the presence of Dr. Sabu M C and Ms. Divya Mary Daise S. The fourth meeting was on 22nd October, 2020 during which Gopika Prasad made a presentation on “Generalized Tribonacci Function, Tribonacci Number and Some Interesting Identities”, Arwin Augustine on “Linear Algebra”, Akshaya Reethu on “Comparative Study of Some Fixed Point Methods in the Generation of Julia and Mandelbrot Sets” and Rose Mary Martin on “Combinatorics and Generating Functions” in the presence of Ms. Divya Mary Daise S. The fifth meeting was on the 30th of October, 2020 during which presentations were  made by Navaneeth K on “Regular Sets in Topology and Generalized Topology”, followed by Farzeen A on “Quadrilateral Fuzzy Numbers”, Sibin Wilson on “Stability and Convergence for Nonlinear Partial Differential Equation” and ended with Shilpa Davis on “Fibonacci Numbers and Lucas Numbers” in the presence of Ms. Jeema Jose and Ms. Divya Mary Daise S.