On 24th November 2019 the National Service Scheme Unit No :32 St. Albert’s College(Autonomous)in collaboration with M.G University department of life long learning and extension conducted one day workshop on Legal Literacy in the leadership of Dr. Sabukuttan (M.G University Registrar Cum NSS program Coordinator (In Charge) . Prof. Jincy Joseph. K(NSS Programme officer, St. Albert’s College (Autonomous))welcomed the gathering. The program began by 10 a.m and was inaugurated by Adv.J.Narayana Pillai (secretary, Centre for Legal Research and Promotions(CLRP))and delivered his thoughts on law ,it’s types and the rights of a person regarding law and handled the first section of the class.Dr.Roseline Gonsaga (Vice Principal, St. Albert’s College (Autonomous))delivered the Presidential Address.NSS Volunteers from various colleges participated and there were a total strength of 100 volunteers . Adv.Gopu V. R  (president,CLRP) lead the afternoon session and enriched the students with numerous information’s regarding the constitution,  implementation of law etc. Veena Aravind (M.G University, Assistant), Adv.Priyadharshini (Executive Member, CLRP) addressed the gathering andProf. Sebastian A.V (NSS programme Officer,St.Albert’s College (Autonomous)) felicitated the gathering.St.Albert’s College NSS secretary Manish shaji delivered the vote of thanks .The programme was concluded by 3.30p.m.