The Department of Economics, St. Albert’s College (Autonomous) released a video as a tribute to the victors of Kargil as part of the Kargil Victory Day, 2020. The video was released at 1 pm on 26th July 2020. The music video titled A Tribute to the victors of Kargil was organized and edited by Ms. Rosha Jomon, Mr. Neeraj Nepolean, Ms. Athira Joshy and Mr. Ebin B M with the help and support of Mrs. Benly B, Assistant Professor of Political Science, Department of Economics. The singers included Ms. Aleena George, Ms. Athira A.P, Ms. Theja Theres Tomy and Ms. B K Maya. The voiceover for the video was given by Mrs. Benly B. The video was released with the support of Dr. Jincy Joseph K, Head, Department of Economics and the students of II B.A Economics.