The Internal Quality Assurance Cell, in collaboration with the Department of English and the PTA of St. Albert’s College (Autonomous), Ernakulam is organizing an *International Webinar on the topic Cyber Ethics and Youth Relationships* by Mr Abishek Clifford, Ethics Lecturer, CEO of RESCUE(NGO), London, UK.Please register online and participate in the webinar to receive an e-Certificate. Online registration link is as follows: *For more information please contact:* ▪️Dr. Rosalind Gonzaga, Vice-Principal and Coordinator, PTA at 9446077561▪️Dr. Nisha Thomji Varghese, Dean, Quality Assurance at 9846057543▪️Dr. Sapna Miranda, Head, Department of English at7012404945▪️Mr. Abinash John Peter, Assistant Coordinator, IQAC at 8593078003 Registered participants will receive the webinar invitation in the registered email ID. All the participants are requested to join the Webinar before 06:55 PM. Google Meet will be used for the Webinar. If you are using a Laptop please use the Google Chrome browser for the webinar and if you are using Mobile please download Google Meet from the Play store. Once you receive the email in the registered email ID, please click the link to join the webinar. In case of any hitch, please contact the above-mentioned numbers.A feedback form link will be posted at the end of the webinar in the Google Meet Chat Box. *E-Certificates will be issued only to those who submit the feedback form.*Registrations will be closed on 12 July, 2020 at 4 p.m. There is no registration fee for the webinar.  _About the Resource Person:_ Abhishek Clifford is an English social activist who has been involved in social work in India since the year 1996. He is the CEO and co-founder of Rescue Charitable Trust which is a Non-Governmental Organization based in Mysore, Karnataka. Clifford is passionate about social and ethical issues such as Human trafficking, Female foeticide, Immoral and unhealthy sexual relationships and the spread of violent and rape pornography addiction among the youth. He has done research on these topics which have been published in both local and national newspapers and T.V channels.Clifford graduated from Manchester University after completing PGC in Mathematics and Statistics. He worked as a Mathematics, Ethics and Statistics high school and A-level teacher for 7 years in Hayes School before migrating to India, where he took up an Indian name ‘Abhishek’ to respect his love for the country. After several years of running an export printing business in Karnataka, he decided to start an NGO to do social work amidst youngsters against predominant social evils such as female foeticide and sexual harassment in order to sensitize the upcoming generation to promote Indian moral and traditional values among the youth. Thus, in 2011 he co-founded the Rescue Charitable Trust in collaboration with his Indian friends in Mysore.Abhishek with the Rescue team organizes moral awareness programmes, press meets, marches and meetings with dignitaries and stakeholders of the State in connection with the following social issues as he believes that effectively educating the students on Cyber Ethics and Moral values is essential to the shaping of the succeeding generations of India.Abhishek and the Rescue team goes from college to college across India spreading awareness on the increasing trend of the trafficking of women and children in India especially for sexual exploitation and pornography. He cautions young adults and girls to watch out for internet predators and fake boyfriends who could be potential traffickers and to invigilate their lifestyles so as to reduce vulnerability of being trafficked.