9 students – Amrutha T Babu(B.Voc RE 2018-21), Adarsh Krishna P S (B.Voc RE 2019-22), V S Suhail Ahammad(B.Voc RE 2019-22), Anju shaji(B.Voc RE 2019-22), Akshaya A A(B.Voc RE 2019-22), Jesna Paul(B.Voc RE 2019-22), Athul Benny (M.Voc RE 2020-22), Anoop A(M.Voc RE 2020-22), Faiba K J ( M.Voc 2020-22) – of the department of Renewable Energy got placed in the GREENROOF SOLAR Pvt. Ltd. on July 1st , 2022


Placement by SUNVERGE Pvt Ltd – September 4th, 2019 :

Four students, Sony Xavier, Muhammad Afsal, Sooraj Prakash & Lakshmy Mohan of the Department of Renewable Energy got placed in the company and seven of the 2017-20 batch studens got selected for part time job.