The Department of Social work in association with the Woman and Child Welfare Development department had organized webinars on the topic ‘Gender, Law and Legislation of Women’s Rights’ on 4th March 2022. The workshop had two sessions. The first session was given by Adv. Mayakrishnan, Lawyer, High Court of Kerala in which she envisages how the constitution and its legal framework patronized the identity of women and embarked that deep knowledge, understanding and conviction about Law and its provisions would make women conscious about their rights and through this insight they can empower and protect themselves from domestic violence and assaults of patriarchy. The afternoon session was given by Dr. Neena Joseph, Retd. faculty of Institute of Management in Government. The session was truly informative and engaging as it enlightens the minds of listeners about the perspectives of societies in Kerala towards females in compared with north Indian community. She explained that even though, Kerala achieved top ranking in Literacy and Hospitality Services , the approach towards the concepts of womanhood and femininity needs to be changed. Women in Kerala are still under the lineage of male domination and their desires are strangulated around the shackles of Alpha-male or male hypocrisy. Dr.Neena suggests that the teachings on Sex-Education and how to respect a woman and her identity must begin on the Family and the marital life of parents must be an ideal example for the children to replicate. Both the sessions were incredible and thought-provoking as it nurtures new ideologies and implications on Gender and Law in the heart and soul of faculty members and students.