No. SACA/2019/OCOE/ESP2/01                                                                         Date:11-03-2019


                                          It is hereby notified that Semester II MA / M.Sc. / M.Com / MBA/ M.S.W (CSS) (Regular 2018 Admission CBCSS and 2016/2017 Admission Reappearance) Post Graduate Degree End Semester Examinations  are scheduled to be conducted from 25-03-2019. The MBA examinations start on 25thMarch 2019 and the M.A / M.Sc. / M.Com /MSW (CSS) examinations start on 2ndApril 2019. The application for registration can be downloaded from the college website (  The students are requested to register for the examinations through the college website. The fee should be paid as challan at the South Indian Bank counter, Banerji Road, Ernakulam from  11-03-2019 to 20-03-2019 (without fine), 21-03-2019 to 23-03-2019 (with a fine of Rs.500/-), 24-03-2019 to 25-03-2019 (with a superfine of Rs.1000/-).  Fees once paid will not be refunded.

Last date for submitting the duly filled and signed application forms along with the challan to the class tutor is 20-03-2019.

The fee details for End Semester Examinations are given below.

  1. The fee for application form is Rs.25/-
  2. The fee for the Examination is Rs.50/- for each theory paper, Rs. 50/- for each Practical and Rs.250/- and Rs.25/- for valuation and mark list respectively.
  3. The candidates appearing for reappearance examination (Improvement /Supplementary) shall remit a sum of Rs.50/- towards fee for registration in addition to other fee as applicable.
  4. The candidates re-doing Internal Evaluation Examination shall apply for the same by remitting a fee of Rs.100/- per paper and other fee as applicable.
  5. For Self Finance courses, the fee for the Examination is Rs.100/- for each theory paper, Rs. 100/- for each Practical and 250/- and Rs.25/- for valuation and mark list respectively.
  6. The fee for SC/ST /OEC candidates (Regular students only) who are eligible for fee concession  is Rs.25/-.coeCONTROLLER OF EXAMINATION