National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF) is one of the most prestigious Ranking  Schemes in the country for Higher Education Insitutions conducted by the Ministry of Human Resouce and Development, Government of India. St. Albert’s College (Autonomous) has participated in the NIRF Ranking for 2019 (NIRF 2019). A special committee was created and assigned specific areas. The committee members included

Principal                          – Dr. M. L. Joseph

IQAC Coordinator          – Dr. Nisha Thomji

IQAC Asst. Coordinator – Dr. Louie Frobel

DQAC Coordinators        – Students Details & Faculty Details

Dr. Sabu M.C. and Dr. Tia Mathews – Facilties & Funding

Dr. Anisha S. & Dr. Krishnakumar      – Research

Prof. Francis M.C. &  Prof. Linda George – Placement

Prof. Jincy Joseph, Prof. Joseph Prince and Prof. Teenu Jose – Data Uploading

Acknowledging the efforts of the above team in effective and timely completion of Ranking participation.

The institution has participated in the COLLEGE Ranking, MANAGEMENT Ranking, and OVERALL Ranking. The database uploaded for these two ranking schemes are provided in the links appended below

NIRF 2019 Data Overall Ranking

NIRF 2019 Data College Ranking

NIRF 2019 Data Management