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To impart value based education and transform the students to socially responsible, dynamic individuals.


  • To facilitate the all round development of students especially with regard to the managerial, administrative and decision making skills.


  • Systematic academic support and mentoring
  • Developing students and their knowledge with necessary training and skill development programmes
  • Inter department collaborations
  • Start up ecosystem


Event conducted on entrepreneur and innovation and skill development

SWACH Bharath Mission

Department at a glance

The BBA course offered by St.Albert’s College (Autonomous), is more than just a business degree, it is a life challenging educational experience and an opportunity to connect to real business world through lectures, E learning platforms etc. BBA Department of St.Albert’s College (Autonomous), has over a five years of experience in teaching and training students for a better future. There is no doubt that the Department prepares students for the next business challenges and gives them a real world business experience through the programs and events conducted during their class sessions.The Department grows year by year and this is evident from its ambitious and sophisticated students who inspire the faculties to keep their classes professionally oriented and academically challenging. The department also molds the student’s innovation and trains them to use the latest technology and also introduced new interdisciplinary programs to cater the needs of the students. One of the department’s strength is enthusiastic, trained and experienced faculty and alumni in creating a sense of community. BBA students are provided with academic tools, practical experience and real world opportunities to excel in the fields they choose after the education. The course also provides active participation in education that challenges critical thinking, provides career preparation, instills values and provides e-learning opportunities for the students.

Message from HoD


Entrepreneurship is holistic. An activity born from the passion to find solutions to problems of daily events and life at large. Entrepreneurship is a capacity. To analyze oneself and one’s capabilities and put them to the best possible use. Entrepreneurship is also a world view and a perspective, seeking to make intelligent and powerful choices to make this world a better place to live in for everyone. 

With this comprehensive growth arc in mind, the Department of Business Administration, St. Albert’s College (Autonomous), Ernakulam works towards moulding a generation of bright young minds who will make choices that affect the way the global industry patterns function.

The members of faculty of the department, through contemporary study patterns, quality course structures, internship opportunities and an effective and approachable student-teacher relationship ensure the overall growth and competency of the student population.

Thus the quality of teaching and the efforts of the students combine to make the Department of Business Administration truly one of the best choices.

Mr. Sunil Joy

HoD In-Charge