Board of Studies


Committee Name BOS in Business Administration
Meeting Number with year SAC/BOS-MBA/18-19/02 Day, Date Time

Thursday – 06 Dec,2018

2.00 pm – 4.30 pm

Members Present                                       Signature

1.      Dr. Geo Jos Fernandez

2.      Dr. Manoj Edward

3.      Prof.(Dr.) B. Hareendran

4.      Dr. Sreejith S.

5.      Dr. Shiny C.M

6.      Ms. Manju Das

7.      Ms. Indu George

8.      Dr. Jitha G. Nair

9.      Mr. Nidhin Johny

10.  Ms. Elma George

11.  Ms. Ann Lee Mathai

12.  Ms. Neenu Jose

13.  Ms. Sherin Mary George

14.  Mr. Ashil Antony

15.  Mr. Nivedh E

16.  Mr. Abin Jose

17.  Mr. Akhil T. Ravi

18.  Ms. Lakshmi G.


1.      Silent Prayer

2.      Welcome

3.      Curriculum Re-structuring of MBA,BBA and B.Voc from 2019 onwards

4.      Vote of Thanks

Members Absent

1.      Fr. Antony Arackal

2.      CA. Venugopal C.Govind

3.      Dr. M.A. Joseph

4.      Dr. V.M. Victor George

5.      Mr. Sundaresh Gopala Pai

6.      Dr.K.S. Divakaran Nair

7.      Dr. Sebastian Thomas

8.      Dr. Gilroy Rozario

9.      Dr. George Sleeba


Person responsible
1.      The Board of Studies(BOS) started with a  silent prayer. Dr. Geo Jos Fernandez, the Chairman of BOS welcomed the members to the meeting.  
2.      Minutes of the previous meeting held on 06 February,2018 was approved  
3.      The BOS discussed the proposed changes in each of the papers of MBA,BBA and B.Voc-Logistics Management  in detail. Some of the changes were approved and some others were put on hold. The approved changes are to placed before the Academic Council for approval  
4.      The BOS also discussed and approved the syllabus for the proposed certificate courses. These are to be offered by the different departments for interested parties inside and outside the college.  
5.      The meeting came to an end with the Chairman of  BOS  proposing the vote of thanks.  



  1. To train the students to be competent entry level management professionals.
  2. To impart basic and operational knowledge on all functional areas of management.
  3. To encourage young BBA’S to turn in to entrepreneurs.
  4. To make young BBA’S a change agents in the society by fostering values which self-proclaim that “ Turn to enterprising serve the society and thenation”.