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Clubs & Associations

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Aimed to showcase the talents of students and encourage involvement in cultural.

Activities :

Albertian Cultural days

  • All Fridays from 1.30 PM to 2.30 PM
  • Venue: Baccinelli Hall
  • Coordinator : Mr. Jeffrin Johnson, Dept of Commerce(SF)

Ethnic day Celebrations.

Aimed to improve interaction of students from different cultures and  familiarize various Ethnic cultures of India. Includes Food festival, Music, Dance, unique to different cultures of India.

Arts Day 

Conducted as part of Inauguration of Arts club.

[/expand] [expand title=”Quiz Club“]

Purpose is to impart the skill in knowledge creation. Headed by Dr. Drishya K Reghuvaran

[/expand] [expand title=”Debate – Oratory Club  Club“]

Purpose is to enhance the Subject content, communication skills & group          interaction. Headed by Dr. J. Jameson

[/expand] [expand title=”Literary Club (Litc) / Sahityavedhi (Sahv)“]

Purpose is to make students excel in the areas of writing , study  or content of literature. Headed by Prof. Augustine K J

[/expand] [expand title=”Music Club “]

Purpose is to upgrade the musical skills and its application. Focus on University Youth Festival, Arts Day, cultural events. Headed by Dr. Nisha Thomji

[/expand] [expand title=”Fine Arts Club  “]

Purpose is to provide an overall guidance in areas such as visual arts, painting, sculpture, architecture, music and poetry. Headed by Prof. Asha Maria Thomas

[/expand] [expand title=”Nature Club  “]

Purpose is to take measures for contributing to nature and its beauty. (Aiming green      atmosphere). Headed by Dr. Siju M Varghese

[/expand] [expand title=”Photography Club “]

Purpose is to impart knowledge in photography and its application. Offering workshops, training etc). Headed by Prof. Sebastian A V

[/expand] [expand title=”Encon Club “]

Purpose is to aim at Energy Conversation and Environmental Consultancy. Headed by Dr. K Madhusudanan

[/expand] [expand title=”Tourism Club  “]

Purpose is to arrange visit of interested places, providing awareness about industry      based visits and general guidelines. Headed by Dr. Krishnakumar K S

[/expand] [expand title=”Theatre Club “]Purpose is to make aware of Drama classes, Live  workshops, Singing lessons, Stage training etc. Headed by Smt. Mary Jain Jose K.

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Club @ Albert’s

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