Department at a glance

St. Albert’s College, started in 1946 and is a first-grade Arts, Science and Commerce college affiliated to Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam. The College was established with the noble objective of contributing to quality higher education that will help society to opt for sustainable development by providing platform for academic discourse in several disciplines of Science, Arts and Commerce. The College rose to autonomous status in 2016.

The Department of Botany came into existence in 1947 with a degree course, the Post graduate course was started in 1964 and the Department was raised as a Research Centre in 2007. The Department of Botany, has a mission to achieve a high level of excellence, in the field of education and outreach, in research with a focus on plants and their environments. The Department has been on the path of progress which is evident from the regular up-gradations. The Department while celebrating its platinum jubilee (2017- 2022), is having high ambition and definite route maps to achieve greater zenith in glory of service to mankind in the days ahead,