Dr. K. Madhusudhanan joined the Department of Botany, St. Albert’s College (Autonomous) Ernakulam as an Assistant Professor in 2005. Before joining St. Albert’s College, he served as a Scientist at the MS Swaminathan Research Foundation for four years. Dr. K. Madhususdhanan obtained his MSc, M.Phil. and Ph.D. Degrees from  Mangalore University as well as a PG Diploma in Agricultural Journalism from CCS Haryana Agricultural University, Hissar. He has 24 Research Papers, 3 Books, 5 edited books, 6 extension publications, 4 book chapters, 36 popular articles, 2 book reviews
and 2 agricultural CDs to his credit. He has over 10 years of research experience in Plant Tissue Culture, Mushroom
Biotechnology, Mycorrhizal Studies, Plant Pathology, Organic Farming, LEISA Farm, Mushroom Cultivation and Sustainable Agricultural Practices. He is a recognized Ph.D. Guide of MG University, Kottayam for the subject, Applied Botany and two PhD students were awarded doctoral degree under his guidance. Two more scholars are presently working under his guidance. He is currently engaged in the study of rare endangered endemic orchids
(terrestrial/epiphytic orchids) of Western Ghats and their orchid mycorrhizal association. He is presently the Secretary of the Botany Department, Coordinator of the Professional Development Committee and the Staff Coordinator of the Encon Club of St. Albert’s College. He served as NSS Programme Officer of the college from 2016-19.  He is also a member of Question paper setters in PG and UG board of Kerala and Calicut Universities and many autonomous colleges of Kerala.