Industry Interactions


Albertian Institute of Management believes in the principle of “learning by doing”. To achieve this the student development process involves, lecture by industry experts, industry relevant syllabi, practical orientation based lectures and the industry exposure given to students. The core-strength of this teaching process, Industrial exposure is achieved through, Lectures/Interactions with industry experts, Industrial Visits, Industrial Trainings etc.

In AIM, 10% of the syllabi of each course is covered by the industry experts learn from them the real work scenario; and to gain from their experience and expertise. This will in-turn develop the key employability skills of the students and make them prepared for the corporate world. 

AIM also have initiatives such as summer internship project, a one month study (post second semester) based in an organization for comprehensive understanding of the management concepts and atwo month internship (post fourth semester) in a company based on their specialization which includes a problem-based study and analysis.

In every semester, our students visits companies in batches to link what they have learnt in classrooms with what is practiced in the industry.

AIM have MoU’s/Affiliations/Relations with various Industrial agencies such as Kerala Management Association (KMA), National Institute of Personnel Management (NIPM), Kerala Start-Up Mission (KSUM), FICCI, CCCI etc. who supports AIM on various aspects of growth of our students.