Incubation Centre


Albertian Incubation Centre coordinates and leverages the synergies in various strands of excellence driving innovation and entrepreneurship at St. Albert’s College, consisting of cutting edge research, industrial interactions, Business Acumen etc. Our Incubation Centre offers opportunity to budding entrepreneurs to set up their business through training programs, seminars, and through various initiative for starting enterprises. IEDC-St. Alberts, gets the support of Kerala Start-Up Mission, Kerala Start-Ups, KSIDC etc.

If you have a business Idea which can be commercialised, you can submit an application to IEDC-St. Albert’s College with the following information (but not limited to).

  1. Strength of the product idea in terms of its technology content, innovation, timeliness and market potential.
  2. Profile of the core team/ promoters.
  3. Intellectual Property generated and the potential of the idea for IP creation.
  4. Financial/ Commercial Viability and 5 year projections of P&L, Balance Sheet and Cash Flows.
  5. Funds requirement and viability of raising finance.
  6. Time to market.
  7. Break-even period.
  8. Commercial potential, demand and requirement in India.
  9. Scalability.

You may also cover the basics of the business, namely, value proposition, products and services, market analysis, competition analysis, milestones and timelines, development and marketing plan, and, risk analysis.

To register, send your Business Plan to Dr. Shiny C. M. at [email protected]