No. Research Guides Area of Interest No. of Students Registration Details
1 Dr. Souriar Sebastian, Retd. Fuzzy Mathematics 3 Students U.O. No: Ac.A VI/4/RC/98 – K dated 13.07.1999
2 Dr. Mathew Varkey, Associate Professor, TKM College, Ernakulam Mathematics 3 Students U.O.No: 54/AcAVI/1/2008/Acad dated 05.01.2009
3 Dr. Romeo P G, Associate Professor, CUSAT Mathematics 1 Student U.O.No: 4918/Ac.A VI/1/RG/2009/Acad.
4 Dr. Shery Fernandez Fuzzy Mathematics 4 students U.O.No: 2559/M6/1/ RG/6713/2012/academic dated 04-05-2017
5 Dr. Sabu M C Applied Mathematics —- U.O.No: 5396/AVI/1/ RG/3042/2016/academic dated 31-08-2017