Department of Fitness Management


The dept of Fitness Management and Personal Training is an interdisciplinary field that blends scientific knowledge of excersice physiology and fitness studies with practical business skills. started in the year 2019. The is functioning in the St. Albert’s College Sports Campus kaloor.The department comprises of four Faculty members. The content of the course  systematically covers various areas of fitness management like Concept of Fitness and Wellness and their significance in Modern times, Holistic approach to management of health and fitness including diet and exercise (Aerobic and anaerobic); Scope of Fitness Trainer And Health and Fitness Component, Alternative Systems for Health and Fitness;  Effect of anaerobic exercise on musculoskeletal system, Endurance, Strength/Power, Speed, Coordination, Agility and Balance in . Physical Screening and General Principles of Training; Health Screening-Health Conditions that affect by the Physical Activity and Medication,  Types of exercise:  Calisthenics, Aerobics and Dance, Weight Training, Yoga and Other forms of Exercise; Similarly, will cover the important topics of nutrition and energy namely Introduction of Water and Electrolyte Balance, Regime of hydration and dehydration and Sports Drink, Nutrition- Caloric Consumption, Weight variation due to dietary habit, Physiological and Metabolic changes during exercise; Recommended nutritional intakes, Dietary guidelines and Nutrient needs for people with different life style and Sport; Lastly, mainly focus on establishment and management of fitness centre,  Procurement of Equipments and their maintenance in Personal Management and Legal Responsibilities.Therefore, for the fitness professionals as well as for the person who wants to work for a fitness or recreation facility or start business in the field of fitness management, a thorough knowledge and skill to change and inspire the lives of others through a strong understanding of physical exercise techniques, proper nutrition etc. is required.

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