The department offers undergraduate course in English Language and Literature. The curriculum is designed in such a manner that it provides an incisive insight into various literatures, literary theory and linguistics.

The students are also supposed to submit a project at the end of the course that initiates them into academic research. The course meets its end with a viva of the project which is held by a panel of external experts.

The department also offers Common Course English which is common to all the degree students during the first and second years of under graduation.

The syllabus covers an in depth study of grammar and various literatures. The students are taught grammar in such a manner that they get equipped to use English language without grammatical errors.

The literature part provides the students a taste of world classics. Apart from this the syllabus also incorporates literatures that discuss burning social issues such issues of gender, caste, race, censorship, refugee and so on.


BA English 2016-2017 : 2016 onwards

BA English 2017-2018 : 2017 onwards

BA English 2018- 2019: 2018 onwards

BA English 2019-2020: 2019 onwards