Vision & Mission


  • To be an institution of national excellence in education in chemistry
  • To become a National R&D centre in the field of chemical science and technology with reference to industry and society
  • To establish a balance between education, innovation, research and service


“The mission of the Post Graduate Department of Chemistry and Research Centre is to advance the chemical sciences through the education of undergraduate and postgraduate students by providing them with quality education, research and job opportunities. With a high standard of excellence in all these areas, the Department will produce students with knowledge in chemistry who can think critically. ”


  • To produce students who can think critically in the field of Higher Education in Chemistry and thereby to serve the society.
  • To make the students understand basic facts and concepts in Chemistry while retaining the exciting aspects of Chemistry so as to develop interest in the study of chemistry as a discipline.
  • To acquire firm foundations in the fundamentals and application of chemical and scientific