Social Outreach Programmes



13th DECEMBER 2019

The post Graduate Department of Chemistry and Research Centre  has organized a visit to House of Providence, an Home for the Aged, run by the Diocese of Verapoly on 13th December 2019. Sixty students and ten teachers of the department took part in the programme.

The students interacted with the inmates, distributed snacks and the essential items like soap, tooth paste and combs. A cultural program was carried out by the students and staff of the Department. The inmates also participated in the programme.

The programme was organized to inculcate the students  the values of looking after the elderly people and to understand the difficulties faced by the aged. The program is conducted  every year, as a social commitment of the Department.

Report of Albertian Swachatha Mission

Day 1- Swachathaswayam 27th September 2019

Day 1, 27th September 2019 was celebrated by an awareness session by the tutors on Swacch Bharath Abhiyan and Albertian Swachatha Mission. It was followed by seminars by the students of each class on the following topics:  (1) Fundamental duties (2) Mahatma Gandhi and Cleanliness (3) Clean City and Model Village (4) Japanese cleaning methods

Day 2 28th September 2019


Day 2, 28th September 2019, Saturday, was a working day. The students of Department of Chemistry  made it a day to clean their own houses and premises. Each student, considered the day to clean their houses after the classes and also to practice it daily from that day.

Day 3 29th September 2019


Day 3, 29th September 2019, being a Sunday, the day was used to form friend circles and to clean their own areas of residence.

Day 4 30th September 2019

Swathchatha class room

Day 4, 30th September 2019  was a day when the students actively participated to clean their classrooms. A time table board for cleaning the class rooms has been fixed in all the class rooms. The students will do the cleaning on a rotation wise, as per the time table. The students washed and wiped the classrooms.

Day 5 1st October 2019


Day 5, 1st October 2019,  day was selected for cleaning our college premises. The area allotted to department of Chemistry was the Chemistry lab and premises. All the students actively participated in cleaning their own laboratories and the verandas near the labs. Unused and empty chemical bottles  and other unnecessary items were removed from the laboratories.  The reagent and chemical bottles were arranged and the floor was also cleaned well by the students. The Department staff room was cleaned by the teaching and non-teaching staff.

Day 6, 2nd October 2019

Swachatha Naad

Day 6, 2nd October 2019, as part of Albertian Swachatha Mission,  St Albert’s College  has decided to clean both the sides of Banerji road from High Court Junction to North over bridge. Chemistry department was allotted the area near the High court junction. The program started with an official meeting  near the High court junction which was inaugurated by the Most Rev. Msgr Joseph Padiyaramparambil, Vicar of St.Francis cathedral, Ernakulam. Dr. M A. Solomon, Head of the Department  welcomed the gathering. Rev. Msgr. Joseph delivered the inaugural address  and gave the message of service to the mankind, as shown by Gandhiji.  Mr.  Joseph Prince, Assistant Professor  proposed  the vote of thanks.

It was followed by cleaning of the sides of the roads. Most of the students actively participated  in the program.  It came to end by 10. 30 am after which the staff conducted an awareness rally displaying placards of Swachach Bharath  and to avoid plastics in the city. The students finally assembled in the sports campus, Kaloor for Nadankalikal and dispersed after the refreshments.